So Far Its Been Smooth Sailing


Thank you for all your prayers the Lord has been so good to us. So I’ll start with our MVP – Silas. He has been doing well getting along with the other (4yr old) toddler in the house. He is learning to share and play by the rules. She is also making him talk in Russian. The Lord has been merciful to keep him from any sickness and we hope that will remain the case through the winter season. 

I can not even begin to explain how or rather why God has given me such a loving and patient wife. I truly wish every man had a wife like mine – she is awesome!
Natalie has decided on working evening shifts three days a week at a nearby restaurant and in January she might get some students for her fitness training job, but it doesn’t seem to be the case for now. I think that one part-time job should be enough for us to get our own place and I don’t want Natalie to get overwhelmed. I’m in class and studying most of the day so when I come home (around 5pm) I hang out with my home boy Silas and then put him to bed around 7pm…that’s the plan anyway.
So far Natalie and I have decided that I not work and just focus on school. It has truly been like drinking out of a fire hose, but I am loving it. With all its pain and sleepless nights (literally I have nights when I study from 11pm and then pack up my books and go to my morning class…) I would not trade it for the world…well maybe I would but you know what I mean. Most of my time is devoted to Greek, so my only regret is not getting a head start on Greek before I came to seminary, but either than that
Natalie and I have made lots of good friends and I am meeting more and more Baptist brothers on campus. And just for the record my Presbyterian brothers are not giving me a hard time about my baptism convictions…well some do but it is always light-hearted and out of fun. I am learning more that I thought I could, reading more than I thought I could and growing in and by His grace.
We are still looking for a church to join. Almost every Sunday we have visited a new church but for now we seem to be gravitating towards Trinity Church (
Please do not stop praying for us we continually need your prayers that God would fill us with knowledge of his will and direction through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives.
Please continue to pray that we may live a life worthy and pleasing to him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work and growing in the knowledge of God and our own finiteness.
Please continue to pray that we find a church family that is healthy and a good fit.
Please pray that all would be well with Natalie’s work and for a smooth and godly transition to work by seeking to redeem all things for His name and kingdom.
Please continue to pray for my spiritual and intellectual growth to be in a continual progressing balance for His name sake.
Your brother in Christ,

Pavel Nickoliyavich Bugriyev