I was born in a small Russian city, Pyatigorsk Stavropolskii Krai, also known as the home of one of my favorite Russian writers, poet and painter – Mikhail Lermontov. My family later moved about 15 minutes away to live in Inozemtsevo. In 1993 we moved from Russia to United States of America as Christian Baptist refugies, seeking religious freedom. We started our new life in Sacramento, California, and for over twenty years this is were I lived but today reside in greater area of Philadelphia, PA. My wife and I moved to Philly so that I could go to seminary. 

The main purpose of this blog is to bring glory to the Triune God and hopefully to improve my writing. My goal is to write a post once a month. It is embarrassing for me to dedicate what I know will be terrible work to the Lord but He has a way of making straight lines with crooked sticks. So may The Lord bless you trough at least one of my posts. If you want to connect or offer advice or just keep me accountable feel free to send me an email pbugriyev@student.wts.edu.

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