Life Together

When the darkness fills your skies,
Call to Christ and he’s surely to arise,
Our Saviour chased from us sin and night,
And He alone brings us joy, and life, and light.

Let us not forget that when trouble comes our way that we be careful not to be lost in this darkness that has come around our way. Because like the earth that spins by God’s own will He allows one side to be covered by the night and the other by the light of day. So much so is our darkness and our mornings. Pain is not our own for Christ has owned yours and mine and all those who would believe. The morning then is not our own either, it belongs to God and to the Christian family, to your brothers and sisters in Christ. When the pain and loneliness of night has come upon you. Dear friend, do not hide it from your Lord, do not hide to be left alone, but seek out your Christian family and see how soon you all will delight in the light. These things are good and true.

Keep up the good fight
with prayer, and song and Scripture,
because there will be another night.